“There’s no point having wishes if you don’t at least try to do them”
― Sally Nicholls, Ways to Live Forever

I’ve always been a wisher on stars but the years have taught me that the only person in charge of your destiny is you. Perhaps the stars can align for you but unless you’re already pursuing your dreams you’re likely to miss the opportunity. So for this image I wanted it to be ambiguous – when you look at the image do you see a girl catching stars or a girl creating them?

Luminary was inspired by one of those highway traffic jams where you’re left wondering what trouble lies ahead. To create it I had someone drive me up and down the highway while I took pictures of the road and then I composited myself into the scene. You can read more about its creation here.

  • Date: May 8, 2016

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    October 27, 2017

    tus fotografías son alucinantes. Quiero alguna ves llegar a hacer algo así porque amo la magia!

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