Introducing Creative Photo Folk

Creative Photo Folk – a community to learn photography creatively, overwhelm free

In 2015 I started Hayley Roberts Photography to better learn photography and Photoshop. By documenting my discoveries in blog posts I hoped my experiences might benefit other interested photographers, and it did, on a small scale. Somewhere along the way I realised if I poured all my time and effort into experimenting and teaching I might be able to create something that helped photographers on a larger scale. And that’s how Creative Photo Folk was born.

Creative Photo Folk has been a 4+ year labour of love. It started out as a book, morphed into a course and is now an online membership. I’ve designed it to be a one stop solution for creative photography, covering art theory, photography, lighting, editing, compositing and business. But, more than that, it’s designed to be easy to follow and FUN. The world of photography education is so bloated with information that it’s easy to feel lost and disheartened. I’ve tried to avoid that by getting to the very heart of what photographers need to know and teaching that through the use of fun projects.

And then there’s the community. Without any members this doesn’t yet exist, but I dream of creating a safe, nurturing place where photographers can experiment and grow together.

After years of writing, taking photos, endless editing, recording videos, designing the website and marketing materials, and blindly dreaming, it’s almost ready. I only ever concentrated on the next step in the path so I cannot even fathom that the time has finally come to invite other people in. Pinch me, just in case.

I’ve dreamed big about this moment and worked harder than I’ve ever worked before. Being stubborn I created this venture entirely on my own (with a little help here and there to shoot the content). Sometimes I wonder if I’m completely crazy in thinking that anyone else will see the value, but then I look through my content and allow myself to believe that I’m really onto something here.

The launch for Creative Photo Folk will roll out like this:

  • I will run a free mini-course to help frustrated photographers get over the number one hurdle holding them back
  • As this course finishes I will open the doors to the Creative Photo Folk membership
  • Anyone who signs up at this time will receive a discounted founding members rate for life
  • Creative Photo Folk will be ‘evergreen’ meaning it is always open and people can join at any time – however those who join at the start have the most opportunity to grow with the membership, but they will also have the least amount of content initially. I’ve designed it this way to reduce overwhelm.

It will launch July 6, 2021.

If you’re interested in learning more or signing up to Creative Photo Folk, please visit the sales page or home page.

If you’re interested in signing up for the free mini-course you can do so here.

And if you are not a photographer, but merely reading this because you are one of those precious people who support me, could I please ask one more favour – I’d be most grateful if you could share posts from the Facebook page with your photo loving friends.

Wish me luck x