List of Exposing Illusions tutorial blog posts

Week 1. Welcome to Exposing Illusions.
Week 2. Learning photography. Take better photos today.
Week 3. What type of photographer are you? Discovering your style.
Week 4. How to create a conceptual photograph.
Week 5. How to photograph a self-portrait.
Week 6. How to shoot and edit the Brenizer Method (aka bokehrama, frame expansion, panorama).
Week 7. How to use layers and masking. Photoshop 101.
Week 8. How to create a multiplicity image.
Week 9. How to use opacity to create a ghost.
Week 10. How to do levitation photography.
Week 11. How to photograph floating objects.
Week 12. How to lengthen a dress and hair in Photoshop.
Week 13. How to improve photos with textures in Photoshop.
Week 14. How to create a double exposure photograph (portscape).
Week 15. Introduction to compositing.
Week 16. How to build a stock photo library for compositing.
Week 17. How to replace a sky with Photoshop.
Week 18. How to photograph and edit HDR for everyday use.
Week 19. How to photograph and edit a miniature person.
Week 20. How to create a tilt-shift photograph.
Week 21. How to use and create Photoshop brushes.
Week 22. How to create the dispersion / scatter effect with Photoshop.
Week 23. How to add special effects to your photos in Photoshop.
Week 24. How to create snow in Photoshop.
Week 25. How to fake an underwater photo with Photoshop.
Week 26. How to create a reflection in water with Photoshop.
Week 27. How to create shadows in Photoshop.
Week 28. How to mirror an image in Photoshop.
Week 29. How to retouch a portrait.
Week 30. How to create an invisible person.
Week 31. How to ‘break the fourth wall’ using Photoshop compositing.
Week 32. The best methods to shoot and edit black and white photos.