I created ‘Awash’ at a time when I was feeling particularly vulnerable and overwhelmed with life as an artist. I was house-sitting on an island for a friend and waking early every day to try and capture sunrise. Because of this I noticed how striking the light looked coming through the blinds as the sun was rising and I liked the juxtaposition between being ‘awash’ with light and the lifebuoy signifying water. I wet my hair to add an element of story to the image, posed in a manner that suggested a feeling of vulnerability, and bared more than I usually might because I liked the effect of the light on skin. It was the middle of winter and the house is next to a canal so it was VERY cold. The image was created to illustrate an article I wrote called ‘Twelve things no one tells you about being an artist’ which you can read here.

  • Date: August 14, 2016

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