If You Go Down to the Woods Today

“Oh, but you must travel through those woods again and again… said a shadow at the window… and you must be lucky to avoid the wolf every time… But the wolf… the wolf only needs enough luck to find you once.”
― Emily Carroll, Through the Woods
I love to shoot on location in nature but there’s always the threat of menace from both man and beast when shooting alone. It’s rumoured that the pine forests in my area are dangerous places to wander so when I shot this image my mother insisted she accompany me. I had intended on photographing a ‘nature sprite’ that day but considering the circumstances it turned into an image of a girl running from an unseen threat and a commentary about feeling vulnerable.

If You Go Down to the Woods Today was shot in a pine forest halfway between my work and my house. The shoot helped me learn how to use Photoshop to lengthen my hair and my dress. You can read about the process and experience here.

  • Date: April 19, 2015

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